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Digital public notice is a modern way of disseminating important information to the public through digital platforms.

Public notices are announcements or notifications made by government agencies or public organizations in order to inform the public about various matters and events. These notices are intended to provide important information and ensure transparency and accountability. Here are some common types of public notices:

1. Legal Notices: These notices inform the public about legal matters such as court proceedings, foreclosures, probate notices, name changes, public hearings, and tax assessments. They are usually published in local newspapers or posted in public places.

2. Public Hearings: These notices are generally published in local newspapers and online, and they include details of the time, date, and location of the hearing.

3. Environmental Notices: These notices inform the public about proposed changes or activities that may impact the environment. They include details about projects or actions such as construction, demolition, pollution control permits, land use changes, or environmental impact studies.